LINCOLN COUNTY CREW – Twelvepole Valley Apartments

GOALS: Goals for this project are for our crew members to build a full scale apartment complex from the ground up. This is a big project for ANY construction crew and I am beyond proud of our crews for doing such an excellent job on it. This is a first of its kind project for Coalfield. The final product will provide affordable housing to the area in conjunction with the 2 existing structures on the same property.  Providing 20, (I think total, with all 3 buildings) affordable housing units.

TRAINING: Our crews will learn advanced framing techniques, following plans and specifications and how and why it’s important to projects, building projects to the most updated and adapted Energy code for the state.  Coordination with multiple subcontractors and how to sequence events and actions on site and why.

CREW CHIEF: Danny Ferguson with assistance from our Field Advisor Larry Endicott



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