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MINGO COUNTY CREW – Strosnider Apartments Restoration and Renovation

GOALS: This is a great project where we are restoring a building that has a lot of significance in the community. This structure was designed in 1937, even the original blueprints are really cool to look at! It sits right across from the old Williamson High School building, so anyone who graduated from that school before it closed in 2011 has seen that building, and has either sat on the stoop during lunch in the 70’s (like my Mom) or as many stories I have heard, stood across the road and thrown rocks into the already broken windows as it was slowly getting in worse shape as the years passed.  The goals for this project is to bring it back to its original beauty, highlight its original architectural style and bring an old building back to the forefront of the community.

TRAINING: Crew Members will receive training and learn about total restoration of an old structure. Including refinishing old flooring, or replacing and matching up and make it a seamless transition. Use of plaster vs drywall, determining what is original and what needs to stay and what needs to be taken out in order to make the restoration look good and all in the same time period. (For Example: Since this structure has covered multiple decades, you can tell whether items have been added at later dates. So, some of that must go.) How to coordinate and plan with necessary subcontractors to update any electrical systems, hvac, roofing, etc…and how this applies to renovation/restoration vs. new construction. They will also learn how to update the facility to be as up to date and technologically advanced as possible while still being and looking like a structure that was designed in 1937, which can be difficult compared to new construction.


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