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Adam Warren
Adam Warren, President

Contact Adam at  awarren@coalfield-development.org

Adam Warren is president of Revitalize Appalachia, a social enterprise of Coalfield Development.

Hometown: Belfry, KY

Adam Warren was born and raised in the Appalachian Coalfields. He grew up on the Kentucky side of the Tug River that serves as the southern border of West Virginia, “Spittin’ distance” from Williamson, WV. He calls the state of West Virginia home just as much as he does Kentucky (GO CATS!).

After graduating from Western Kentucky University with a B.S. degree in Construction Management, Warren moved back home and started his own tourism company, Hatfield and McCoy Guided Tours, LLC. Over a 3 year period he owned and operated the #1 rated tourism attraction in Eastern KY and Southern WV (via TripAdvisor) giving tours to thousands of people from across the nation including Country music star Jamey Johnson. He has been mentioned in the New York Times for his company as well as other newspapers across the country who picked up the story. He has also been interviewed as a “feud expert” for television documentaries and radio programs on the subject.

During those 3 years he also held other positions in his community, some professional and some voluntary. He worked as Site Director in Williamson, WV for a Non-profit organization that set up volunteer groups from across the country to come to the area and complete projects in the community. While working a couple of other part time jobs and serving as a board member of the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce, he also worked as a substitute teacher at a local middle school, and was an assistant football and basketball coach for the local high school he attended and is proud to have been a part of the first 3 State Championships in football in the school’s history: two as a player and one as a coach 10 years later.

At the end of 2014, Adam decided he wanted to focus more on his field of study and began working at a local lumber supply company in order to get his foot back into the professional door and work his way up the ladder. After being contacted by Coalfield, he realized that it was the perfect combination of everything he had ever done and believed it was the best way for him to use all of his talents and passions collectively focused on one goal.

Adam hopes that his path to where he is now shows that nothing worth having is ever easy and that hard work, dedication and never giving up does pay off! He has a passion for sharing knowledge and hopes to make a positive impact on people’s lives through his work at Coalfield.

Adam is a member of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels, Music enthusiast, Animal Rescuer and his hobbies include exercising, reading, cooking, and brewing his own beer.

Fun Facts:
Personal Mantra/Motto - “Xalepa Ta Kala “ – Greek for “Naught without Labor” or “Nothing Comes without Hard Work”

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Larry Endicott
Larry Endicott, Senior Field Advisor

Hometown: Genoa, WV

Larry works toward a better tomorrow in Wayne County when he works for Coalfield Development Corporation.

The 1983 graduate of Wayne High School and Genoa, W.Va., native is a former diesel mechanic who did woodworking as a hobby. Now, what once was just his fun pastime is a large part of his job as Coalfield’s Crew Chief.

The horse farm owner sees the better tomorrow in Wayne County as one where citizens all get along with one another and sees friends and neighbors taking care of one another. The man often known as “Doo Dah,” because he can do it all, to his friends says one has not lived a life until he or she has lived life in the West Virginia foothills. Larry currently lives in Genoa with his wife Cathy and enjoys horseback riding in his free time.

Fun Facts:
Personal mantra/motto – “Get it done.”
Most interesting place you’ve visited – North Carolina, where my boys were born and raised

Contact Larry: lendicott@coalfield-development.org

Tom Smith, Crew Chief
Jordan Speigle, Crew Chief
Danny Ferguson, Crew Chief