OVEC – Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition

RESULTS: It was a renovation of existing structure. It provides offices and conference room facilities for OVEC , it also gave our other enterprise (Rediscover) the opportunity to create custom desks, tables and countertops.

TRAINING: Drywall finishing, Insulation, laying new composite flooring, staining/refinishing. Using reclaimed materials as an aesthetic piece that the original material wasn’t intended for. The crews learned, how to think entrepreneurially and come up with different design features as well as follow prints and designs set forth by the owners/clients. Allowed crew members to get used to working with subcontractors.

CREW CHIEF: Senior Field Advisor Larry Endicott

A NOTE FROM: Adam Warren, President of Revitalize Appalachia

"It was a great opportunity for our crew members to do a project that was directly in the public view during the entirety of the project. They learned professionalism as well as being able to understand that in the end, it’s not what they wanted as crew members, but the outcome needed to be what made the client happy, which is an important lesson to learn for the crews moving forward."



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